Bed Bugs are in My Furniture!

Bed bugs can (and WILL!) infest your furniture. Beds are most at risk of infestation because bed bugs want to be near their food source – YOU!


Mattress and box spring encasements made specifically to combat bed bugs are essential and available from Eco Smart Pest Control (with free installation). These specialized encasements seal the mattress and box spring to trap any bed bugs inside the mattress and prevent the ones outside the mattress from getting inside and nesting. Any bugs trapped inside these encasements will eventually die. (Note- it makes no sense to cover the mattress and not the box spring or vice-versa. Cover them both to take care of the problem!)


Our trained staff will treat the bed and install the encasements at the time of service.


Pillows can become infested as easily as beds. If you decide to wash your pillows, wash them with Cedar Bug-Free™ Laundry Additive to kill the bed bugs in the wash, and then cover them with bed bug proof pillow covers. Even if you decide to replace your pillows, the new ones must be covered to prevent them from becoming infested.


The Laundry Additive and the Pillow Encasements are available from our staff at the time of service or from this website.


Stuffed furniture also becomes infested and is very difficult to treat effectively. Bed bugs get into the stuffing and there is now way to get at them – you have to wait until they come out to feed and kill them with Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Spray. Spray the furniture often paying special attention to folds and pleats. You may need to open the bottom cover to spray inside.


If upholstered furniture is too infested to save, you will want to wrap the infested furniture in plastic and take it to a landfill. If you donate it or leave it on the street, then you will only be giving the bed bugs to someone else!


Wood furniture, especially bed frames, nightstands and dressers are favorite hiding and breeding places for bed bugs. They will be fumigated at the time of service, but you can also spray them as often as you like with Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Spray. The Bed Bug Spray is available from our staff at the time of service or from this website.


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