Bed bug Powder - Kill Bed Bugs in Your Carpets

Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder was developed by Eco Smart Pest Control for professional application. It is not available for retail sale in Hawaii.


There is an alternative to ineffective and dangerous chemicals. Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder is a Natural, non-toxic pest control product that kills bed bugs and other pests in your carpet and has been used for years as the keystone in safe and effective bed bug treatments with thousands of satisfied customers. This bed bug powder is not a recent add-on to the myriad of existing products in an attempt to capitalize on the growing desperation of bed bug victims. Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder has been proven effective in homes, apartments, hotels, vacation rentals, homeless shelters, assisted living facilities, county and state offices, professional buildings, restaurants and retail stores, just to name a few. Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder eliminates bed bug infestations in your carpet and lasts up to a year, thus preventing these little monsters from re-infesting your carpets.


How it Works

If Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder is non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals then how does it kill the bed bugs? Traditional pesticides kill through a disruption of the central nervous system of the pest. Unfortunately, these toxic chemicals are also harmful to the central nervous systems of people and animals. Cedar Oil does not impact the nervous system; it is only dangerous to pests. When bed bugs and other insects are exposed to Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder, the aroma of the Cedar Oil overwhelms their breathing system and triggers a suicide response—the spiracles (breathing pores) close and cannot re-open. Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder also adheres to the outer skeleton of these pests and causes them to dehydrate and to suffocate by clogging their respiratory system. Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder is electrostatically charged and adheres to the fibers at the base of the carpet, thus preventing the vacuum cleaner from easily removing it all the first time you vacuum. This helps the powder remain in the carpeting for several months and continue to kill bed bugs as they hatch, come out of their hiding places and travel on and inside the carpets. Read the article How is Cedar Bug-Free™ Bed Bug Powder Different? to learn more.


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