Treatment Information

Traditionally, pest control companies offer only a spray treatment for most pests. These sprays are fast acting but not long lasting and are dangerous to people and animals, therefore, there has to be an evacuation period. Eco Smart Pest Control offers comprehensive treatments that are long lasting, effective, and environmentally friendly. All of our products are non-toxic and harmless to people or animals.

Eco Smart Pest Control is proud to introduce our new Cedar Bug-Free® line of bug sprays for pets, people, and plants. Cedar Bug-Free® products are 100% All Natural, non-toxic, and good for your skin. A light misting kills biting insects and provides all day protection.

This section describes our different treatments. Select from the following choices:

Bird Mite

Mite Treatments

Mites are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate from a home. They are microscopic and their bites are microscopic as well, although sometimes they leave a red bite mark like you would expect from a flea or mosquito. Oftentimes, you feel something on your skin but you can’t see anything. And other times, you feel the actual bite but there is no visible sign of a bite. These bites are very itchy and it is common to feel an uncontrollable urge to scratch constantly. Many people develop a skin rash and even infections. Some people are not bothered at all by these mites but there have been cases of people committed to a psychiatric ward because of their incessant scratching when no one else in the house is being affected. There is a NEW product called Itchy Bite™ Soothing Aloe Gel that offers “Relief from Itchy Skin, Scabies, Skin Mites, Bed Bugs and Other Bug Bites or Stings”. You simply apply it like a lotion and it will soothe and cool your skin, relieve the itch, and help heal your skin. It will also kill the mites that living under your skin. “Apply it freely to the skin, especially after showering or bathing. For best results, use 2 to 3 times per day.” Go to for more information on this wonderful product. You can also purchase Itchy Bite™ Soothing Aloe Gel on this website.


Mites live in your yard and will “float” into your home through open windows or doors- we highly recommend closing all windows and using air conditioning while you are trying to eradicate them.  Once inside, they will land on any surface – horizontal or vertical. This includes walls, ceilings, furniture, bedding, clothes, window coverings, entertainment centers, etc. Their reproduction cycle can last about 5 weeks and they will breed anywhere and everywhere.  In carpets, they will burrow to the bottom of the carpet to lay their eggs. We recommend using mattress and box springs covers and laundering your clothing, bedding, and pillows with Cedar Bug-Free® Laundry Additive (available from Eco Smart Pest Control). You should also consider replacing screens with "No See Um" screens, available at other online stores. Furthermore, a property owner must eliminate birds from the attic and repair all vents.

Many people try bombs and sprays to treat for mites. These products, whether over the counter or professionally applied, are designed to give a powerful toxic burst that lasts from a few hours to a couple of days. When their effects wear off, there is no protection against the new mites that will hatch. Such short-term applications must be repeated several times over the five week period in order to kill the mites that emerge from their eggs. With any break in this treatment schedule, more eggs will be laid and the cycle starts all over again. This can be very troublesome for the homeowner since an evacuation period is always necessary when using poisonous products.

The Eco Smart Pest Control solution to this problem is to use products that are long-lasting, effective, and environmentally friendly for both the home and the yard. The indoor treatment usually requires a carpet powder treatment and house fumigation. The indoor powder for mites is less toxic than table salt, will not harm humans or pets. The indoor treatment for carpets lasts up to one year, which is long enough to end the mite infestation in the carpet with one treatment. The house fumigation uses a natural, ‘non-toxic’, cedar oil product and will not harm humans or pets. Eco Smart Pest COntrol also is proud to introduce our new Cedar Bug Free® line of bug sprays for pets, people, and plants. Cedar Bug Free® is non-toxic, good for your skin, and will kill and repel mites, as well as other pests.

Below are detailed descriptions of the mite treatments offered by Eco Smart Pest Control for your home and yard.

Home Mite Treatment

Our service technician applies the patented Eco Smart Pest Control powder to all of the carpeted areas within the home. The Eco Smart Pest Control powder is less toxic than table salt and pH neutral, so it will not cause skin irritations; it has no odor and will not harm humans or animals. The powder is machined deeply into the carpet fibers. The Eco Smart Pest Control powder is electro-statically charged so that it adheres to the carpet fibers within 48 hours. Since the powder stays in the carpeting, as the mites hatch from the egg stage they are exposed to the powder that will kill them before they have a chance to lay new eggs. Since the mite reproduction cycle can last up to five weeks, it will take at least that long to end the infestation. The application usually takes about an hour to complete depending on the size of your home.

The fumigation phase of the treatment kills the mites that have landed on all the surfaces of the home. Our service technician will close all windows and doors prior to fumigation, but no house tenting are required. The technician will then fumigate one room at a time paying special attention to ceilings and walls, window coverings, and under furniture. Upon completion, the inside of the home will be in a fog, and it must stay closed for 4 hours in order to allow the fumigant fog to fill all spaces including cracks and crevices. Afterwards, the home owner can open all windows and doors to ‘air out’ the house. Depending on the weather, this can take 1 to 2 hours. The house will smell like a cedar closet for several days after treatment, but this smell will gradually diminish over time.

Yard Granular Treatment

For yard treatments, our service technicians use two products: one is a granular product that looks like and has the same consistency as beach sand, and the other is a liquid spray. The granule is impregnated with a long lasting time release formula that is moisture activated. This product is applied to the yard, concentrating on areas near windows and doors.  This granular product stays active for about three months, surpassing the three to five week reproductive cycle of the mite. Once the service technician has applied the granular product, he then sprays the yard with a water based mixture that will activate the granules and will also kill any adult mites. It will take three to five weeks for all the mites to hatch and die. This outdoor treatment ends the cycle of the mite and provides long lasting protection.