Finally there are choices for treating termites – everything from paying big bucks for tenting with highly toxic chemicals to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) with Cedar Bug-Free™ Termiticide – the safe, inexpensive, long-lasting, and highly effective answer to your termite problem.


Have a little problem, like a piece of furniture or along a door trim? Buy a little of this amazing product. Bigger problem? No Problem!


AND no need to move the family out during treatment either!

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Drywood Termite

Termite Treatments

The Environmentally Unfriendly Way -- The way the other guys do it!


Tenting with Vikane Gas


Traditional termite treatment for structural damage involves tenting the entire building and fumigating with dangerous chemicals which are toxic to people and animals. Vikane Gas (sulfuryl fluoride) used in tenting treatments has been around since the 1960’s. Zythor and Master Fume are newer commercial names for this same chemical sulfuryl fluoride. Toxic effects from inhalation range from minor symptoms such as weakness and vomiting all the way to death.


For this reason Vikane Gas is a restricted use pesticide that may be used only by licensed pest control operators, and a 24 hour evacuation period is required. Once in the atmosphere, Vikane Gas lasts for 40 to 50 years and is a greenhouse gas 4000 to 5000 times better at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. As the Vikane Gas slowly filters out of the atmosphere, it ends up in the ocean.


The other problem with traditional tenting treatment for termites using Vikane Gas is the lack of residual effect. After traditional tenting has been done to an infested structure, Vikane Gas provides no future protection from infestations, resulting in the need to treat the structure again every five years. Considering the toxicity, limited results, and high cost, tenting with Vikane Gas is becoming outmoded.


Under Slab and Perimeter Treatment with Fipronil


Fipronil (Termidor) kills by disrupting the termite nervous system and has been used as a conventional barrier pesticide against termites for many years. Fipronil is applied under and around the perimeter of the structure either during early stages of construction (such as before laying the foundation slab) or once a termite infestation develops on an existing structure.


The Environmental Protection Agency classifies fipronil a Class C possible human carcinogen. Studies of rats given doses of fipronil both through the skin and orally found increased occurrence of thyroid cancer. Once in the body, fipronil metabolizes into fipronil-sulfone and fipronil-desulfinyl which are six and ten times as potent at blocking nerve channels in vertebrates, respectively.


Studies of laboratory rats found both of these derivative compounds in the kidneys, liver, and brain. Fipronil is deadly to beneficial insects like honey bees, the Orius flower bug, and the Geocoris big-eyed bug when the chemical is sprayed on plants or when powder is applied to the ground.


Treating under the slab or drilling holes around the perimeter of the structure with fipronil is a fast blast of highly toxic chemistry with limited long term effect against termites, so retreatment with more fipronil may be required. Some pest control companies ask you to sign a contract to this effect. There is a better way.


If you have to treat around your home for Subterranian Termites, ask your pest control company to use the Sentricon Termite Bait System. Sentricon Termite Bait System is a barrier of in-ground bait stations which termites eat and then share with the rest of the colony until they all die. The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the Sentricon bait system a Presidential Award for Green Chemistry because of its low toxicity and proven effectiveness. Formosan ground termites are specifically targeted by this system.


We can't sell you the Sentricon product, but we offer this suggestion because we hope this information will help you and your family.


Ready to get rid of your termites? I highly recommend that you take a look now at how our product works and how easy it is to apply it.

The DIY Eco Friendly Way

Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide - Kills Termites, Powder Post Beetles and Other Wood Destroying Pests on Contact and continues to Repel them for Years!


Cedar Bug-Free™ Termiticide is a special blend of Hydrated Silica and the highest quality Natural Cedar Oil. Cedar Oil kills on contact and the Hydrated Silica replaces the moisture in the wood to make the wood an un-appetizing meal for any wood loving pest.


Even wood that is painted or varnished will absorb our Cedar Oil product, eliminating any existing termites or wood boring insects without damage or staining.


Because there is no water in the formula, Cedar Bug-Free™ Termiticide is even safe to use on paper and books!


Thank you so much for this incredible product. Years of collecting books and I could have lost it all to termites! Who knew they liked books? Sprayed them all and now the bugs are gone and my beloved books are safe. Wonderful stuff!
(a famous author)


How to use Cedar Bug-Free™ Termiticide:

Can be applied with a spray bottle, a paint brush, a roller, or for large jobs, with a garden sprayer. Great used in a hand-held fogger (these can be purchased or rented) to kill swarming termites in attics and other open spaces.


For more details on how to apply Cedar Bug-Free™ Termiticide you can read more here. If you have questions about the product and how to use it and would like to speak to us, feel free to give us a call. Contact Us. But if you’re ready to get started now, click here to order at the top of this page.